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Passport Processing...

1. Cost…

  • Passport book $145 total. ($110 application fees & $35 in execution cost.)
  • Picture: $15.
  • Putting aside a total of $160 will do the trick.

2. Application process…

3. Picture…

Places such as Walgreens, CVS, UPS & FedEx stores are the easiest and most convenient places to have your passport photos taken. These place are familiar with the passport photo guidelines & requirements and will print your photo in the appropriate size right before you. Links to these places are provided below.

4. Make your appointment...


Important Things to Remember:

  • Most places require an appointment due to Covid 19.
  • Make note of the processing times and correspond with your trip.                                                                                                  Normal: 10-12 Week, Expedited: 4-6 Weeks (Added Fee)
  • Remember the $110 fee is payable ONLY by CHECK or MONEY ORDER to the U.S. Department of State.                                The $35 processing fee can be paid in any other monetary form.
If you would like the convenience of having all your appointments set, checks, and forms printed and filled by Love Me Pink Inc. we can do so for a $12 service fee. All passport fees are the responsibility of the applicant. All appointments, filled & printed forms will be covered under the $12 service fee. 
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